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Artist Statement

I think of my artworks as journeys.  I start at one place and arrive somewhere else - discovering and discarding possible destinations along the way.  More often than not I feel that if only my canvas/paper was larger I might find what I am looking for.  


Much of my work is made with repetitive elements, certainly in the making if not so apparent in the finished work.  I find this a soothing experience and my mind often wanders freely whilst applying paint.


I like that audiences can feel free to discover their own meanings in my works.  For that reason I often do not give a name to a piece until after it has been allowed out in the wider world.


My current work "Remembrance"  although based on works by Casper David Friedrich (1774- 1840) is formed with the technique of blind drawing and the use of flat colours.  This removes some of the most easily definable references to the original works, but perhaps leaves just enough so that the originating piece of art can be guessed.


This form of art adheres still to my preferences towards accidental art.  Letting the work live its own life and the hand of the artist is the final phase in bring about its birth and place on a wall, ready for a whole new life as given by those who see it.

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